Our Goal

Our mission is to design and manufacture well-considered products that support traditional trades and a circular economy, that are made responsibly with regard for people, animals and the environment. Our collections will continue to pursue production improvements as we develop new relationships with suppliers. As part of our sustainable stand, these are our longer-term goals from our start-up position.

    1. Textiles, as with the food miles, there are trade-offs between organic, fairtrade and the airmiles involved. Sourcing products with sustainable benefits, as well as recognising that sourcing and supporting climate-friendly suppliers around the developing regions of the world has a place within the sustainable debate. We look to continually calibrate between those countries that grow, those countries that make and where our global customers are. It is an imperfect balance BUT it beats the enormous resource sapping and waste generating overproduction and landfill impact other brands are quietly hiding in their operations. 

    2. One of our key goals we are already working on is the development of a premium denim line crafted entirely from domestic sustainable cotton suppliers, mills and makers in Australia. Not only will this aid the preservation of skills but also send signals to social enterprise investors that small can be rewarding in more ways than one.

    3. We believe the slow fashion movement has an answer to many of problems of over-production. Thought leaders, such as fashion’s Vivienne Westwood to the emerging Extinction Rebellion, know that consumers buying less will deliver more in terms of sustainability. We want to not only advance the debate but also demonstrate the new digitally driven possibilities. We intend to continue to finesse our technology to improve on-demand production. We also look to create a reselling space for pre-loved Method of Denim from our collaborators as well as upcycling non-Method products through our unique customisation facility with vintage denim or even canvas sneakers, such as Converse.

    4. People are important and we are transparent about our makers and co-creators. As part of the global #IMadeYourClothes movement, we feature social justice at the heart of our sustainability commitment. We look to add ‘give & grow’ options for customers and affiliates so charities in the education and skill development sector may be supported via Method of Denim transactions.  

      *Method of Denim, Bondi, Australia pays respects to the traditional owners and custodians, the Bidjigal and Gadigal people, who traditionally occupied the Sydney coast. We acknowledge this land was stolen and sovereignty has never been ceded.

      **we do not provide the symbol for Extinction Rebellion as commercial use of the symbol is completely against their ethos. There are no exceptions to this policy. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.