Our Story

Everything begins with a love for denim. It’s the sophistication of 00s raw, the 90s grunge, the acid wash of the 80s, the groove of the 70s. Denim shouldn’t be restricted by a decade. It’s about breaking the rules, an expression of creativity and a celebration of oneself. Everyone has denim in their life and possibly a story surrounding their favorite piece.

Founded in 2017 by Lloyd Boolkin, and inspired by his grandfather who arrived in Australia after WW2 and was one of the first importers of 9oz denim to Australia, you could say denim is in Lloyd’s DNA as his blood bleeds indigo blue.

Method of denim founder - Lloyd Boolkin

 Method of Denim is part of the new wave of labels that are doing their part to address the issue of overproduction within the fashion industry by rejecting the dehumanizing effects of mass production and consumerism. In order to combat so much unsustainable waste, we only make denim pieces that have been pre-ordered and already have a home. Method of Denim is not only an act of rebellion; it’s a way of creating a final garment that is truly representative of who you are. This means that you get pieces that are unique and distinctive basics, whilst doing your bit to combat resource mismanagement.

In a true collaboration between you and the brand, this is denim made for you, by you – and there ain’t no other piece like it.  
This is your Design, your Denim, your DNA. This is Method of Denim.

Looking to start creating now? You can Design Your Own or Customize Our Designs.

Design Your Own:
Jackets - You Design (men's)
Jackets - You Design (Women's)
Custom Basics - Tees, Long Sleeves, Hoodies and Crewnecks

Our Designs:
Jackets - Our Designs (men's)
Jackets - Our Designs (Women's)
Custom Basics - Tees, Long Sleeves, Hoodies and Crewnecks