Fashion Week 2019

As fashion loosens up, nothing is more essential than this sidewalk staple.

We have had some comedowns in our time but the post-fashion week blues is a new hue of indigo even for us. After all the rush to get the refreshed website up and running and then plunging ourselves into the whirlpool that is Fashion Week, we find ourselves missing all our new friends and fans from the craziness. 


A denim brand at fashion week…? Yeah, that’s what we thought. But then again, with brands from YSL to Off-White all featuring denim, it looks like the passion for indigo is reaching a new artistic peak with reports of the best looks for spring 2020 all heavily featuring our favourite fabric.



Method of Denim was invited by the Australian Fashion Council to launch our new season denim collection at the Melbourne event this September to represent emerging labels that have come onto their radar this year. Being only a year old when invited, this was a huge compliment so starting our second year at a global fashion week launching a new women’s denim range shows just how far we have come and how denim is as much part of high fashion as it is about street style.  But we were invited as much for our method of turning everyone into a designer as for our premium handmade denim.

The Melbourne fashion crowd were one of the first to road test the updated website customizer and design their own denim whilst visiting our pop-up store based at the centre of all the catwalk action, the awesome Town Hall. Even the CEO of the AFC had a go. The fashion crowd is just one group who truly understands and loves the idea of creating their own collab. They got deep designing their own denim jackets on the pop-up’s screens and we witnessed some exceptional creativity. And with Melbourne’s laneways being the canvas to some of the most famous street graffiti in the world, that comes as no surprise.

method of denim mfw

The invite to fashion week was our opportunity to launch women’s jackets but also showcase the new range extensions in men’s denim jeans and jackets as well as the new range of street-inflected basics. Connecting with stylists, bloggers, buyers, models and photographers gave us a chance to impart our denim wisdom and show them the power is now theirs to create by connecting them to our denim artisans through digital. It really illuminated a few souls and blew a few minds.


Many of the visitors to fashion week wanted to buy the designs in the pop-up and at the show but those belong exclusively to the collaborators who lent their much-loved pieces for the show. There is only one of everything so if you want denim that is exclusive to your style, design and body and to create something unique and memorable then you know where to click.

Thank you to all our past collab creators who lent their unique designs for the event. We promise they are on their way home to you now!