MOD MUSE: Lucille Croft

DJ, producer and fashion influencer, our muse in focus Lucille Croft has well and truly made her mark on the electronic music scene, supporting the likes of Dillon Francis and Dombresky and headlining shows at Ministry of Sound Club and Marquee. Did we mention she is also the editor for our go-to creative hub For The Wolves and has just dropped her latest beat called "BURN" check it here.
Back in the middle of the year we collaborated with the self-professed ‘Bad Wolf’, which had us seeing all kinds of red. Check it out below. If you are feeling creative you can design Your Own Jacket or Customize one of Our Designs

​Lucille Croft
Where do you reside:
What’s in your DNA?
I'm German/Australian
Last person you kissed?
This nice guy called Tom who is doing a vocal for me
Sum up your style in three words?
No fucks given

What’s your anthem? 
At the moment I'm listening to BMTH's older album Sempiternal.  I generally listen to stuff like Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, BMTH, as well as a lot of Hans Zimmer
Go-to fit for denim?
I like more of a boy-ish fit for my denim - so more oversized boyfriend styles for jeans and jackets
Can’t live without?
Music, my laptop and my PS4
Words to live by?
"Feel the fire" - as in, feel the passion.  I think you should do everything with fucking passion, or not at all. 
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