Sustainability Method


“We are the first generation to understand climate change and the last generation able to do something about it. What we wear exists in a wider conversation about what we believe in.” - Lloyd Boolkin - Method of Denim


Every 10 minutes, 6 tonnes of fashion clothing is dumped in Australian landfills. Fashion is a distinctive part of our lives and we make daily decisions about our identity through those style choices.

There are estimates regarding denim production that, during its lifespan, over 15,000 litres of water to grow the cotton, to manufacture and launder single denim garment. If you were to drink two litres of that clean water each day it would take you 20 years to consume it. Water scarcity, pollution, climate change, labour practices, as well the as the purchasing and disposal of denim, is a topic that requires manufacturers to face that challenge head-on. So you can continue your love of denim and the world doesn’t pay any out-of-sight-out-of-mind costs for your passion.

Method of Denim is part of a growing number of brands making a sustainable stand through the use of technology, supply chain management and under-production. We are at the forefront of change by only making the denim you order. No warehouse, only a workshop. We do not carry any stock that can sometimes lead to a lifetime of decomposing and poisoning landfill or an even larger carbon footprint impact via incineration practices.

In order to combat overproduction, we only create denim that has been pre-ordered. This means that you get denim that fits, and the environment is happier for it too.

Denim is one of the few natural fibres to look better with age, so we are here to make sure you get the most wear out of fewer purchases through a better fit. We achieve that by a unique pattern-making digital solution. You can discover more about how we measure in the Your Denim, Your Measurements section.

When you create a profile with us you have risk-free peace of mind that the fit will always be accurate when you re-order, regardless of whether you have a sporty frame, personal length preferences to show off your favourite sneakers or a physical attribute you wish to enhance. We also want you to look after your denim for years to come, because we all love denim that has become a second skin, so we have a Your Denim, Your Laundry section for careful upkeep secrets.

Not everything we do will be organic or low impact but we are committed to keep evolving and keep finding solutions to reduce impact and excessive use of the world’s resources. Big brands are doing their bit with sizeable investments into new production practices but if 7 pairs of jeans are made for only 1 sold, then innovation in one area can still mask an over-production that only pleases shareholders living miles away from the consequences of their financial speculation. For frequently asked questions about our Methods, take a look at Your Questions, Our Answers in our footer.

Every item of our wardrobes comes from nature and the skills in our hands, therefore each of us can make a change in this interconnection and how we connect as human beings.  There is meaning in what we wear and style shouldn’t cost the earth.