Your Style, Your Inspo

Denim is a distinctive part of our lives and we make daily decisions about our identity through these clothing choices. Every item of our wardrobes comes from nature and the skills in our hands, therefore each of us can make a change of this interconnection and how we connect as human beings. Personal style is important. Craftsmanship is a way of wearing beauty and creativity in our body. Handmade denim is a luxury and should have greater retention value and not be part of a disposable culture. It should be a pleasure to wear, a good fit and a key wardrobe item that is purchased rarely but invaluable when received.

Nature gives us something we inherently need as humans  - beauty, freedom, exploration, space, texture and positive feelings of rest and serenity - and our brand followers are connected to that nature through their adventures. They place a premium on maintaining that environment for generations to come to enjoy. There is meaning in what we wear and your style shouldn’t cost the earth.