How to Measure


How to measure - Mens Waist

Take this measurement based on your selected rise, whether it be high, mid or low-rise. This is where your jeans will be sitting around your waist.

Pro tip

Be sure to take your measurements in front of a mirror. Hold your thumb between the measuring tape and your waist (check the video to see how it’s done). Mark this point on your waist with a pen. This will come in use for measuring your outer seam/waist to floor measurement.

How to measure - Mens Outerseam

Take this measurement from where you took your waist. Starting from the point you have marked (see pro tip), let the measuring tape fall to the ground – measure from your waist to your knee, and then knee to floor.

Pro tip

Make sure you keep the tape straight when you are taking both measurements. See video!

How to measure - Mens Lower Hip

A.K.A – your butt! Make sure you’re measuring around the fullest part to get the most accurate measurement (you will want to check this in the mirror).

Pro tip

Make sure the tape measure is straight and level to the ground.

How to measure - Mens thigh

Take this at crotch level. Wrap this around the fullest part of the thigh to it is fairly snug. Remember it should be at the under height of your thigh.

How to measure - Mens knee

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How to measure - Mens calf

Take this at the fullest part of your calf muscle. Check in with the mirror to make sure you are measuring this correctly.