Collaborations Of Creativity

Our collaborators and muses dare to be distinctive and live their values. They are the inspiration and reason why our brand is different from every other denim company out there and we have invested in a unique technology to realise their wildest ideas. Free thinking, brave, and passionate, they are as unique as their craft, their creations and the way they choose to live their lives.  They create without compromise, create with conscience and fashion their own futures.

If you would like to collab with Method of Denim we have a framework policy to make sure our partnerships are genuine, creative, artistic and reflective of our values. All our brand collaborators are known for their artistry across music, film, photography, graffiti, wheels or waves as well as known for their sustainable stand. We do not undertake unsolicited approaches from those just looking to secure free goods and whose profiles generate ideals of conspicuous consumption, which are at odds with the slow fashion and circular economy movement.

Affiliate Programme 

Method of Denim likes to do things differently and we don’t want to have the usual affiliate programme that just adds the to the world’s environmental issues but one that actually helps to re-educate people about the benefits of investing in what they will love year after year.

So this is how we do it. We have a 2-tier affiliate program with greater commissions for those eco-friendly bloggers, eco-denim heads, slow fashion and other eco-minded website owners. We make sure everyone loves and lives the denim dream so we know everyone coming to our site believes in what we do and how we do it. Each affiliate will receive a pack with all the tools they need to set up a good and wholesome introduction service.

We will be setting up an Instagram affiliate programme with key collab partners for exclusive products and services so contact below for further information on both collabs and affiliate opportunities, stating which you are interested in.