Our Method Is Simple…

You design it we create. We believe in self-expression through creativity. This is denim made for you, by you – and there ain’t no other piece like it.

What We Need To Bring Your Custom Masterpiece To Life?

Bespoke Jeans

To get started, we need three simple measurements – height, weight and standard size. Our state of the art predictive technology does the rest.

Use a tape measure to crosscheck these measurements to made sure your fit is on point. If you measure right, we will fit you right.

Custom Jackets

Our jackets run standard size but there is nothing standard about your design. Our premium denim jackets are your canvas. Choose from over 100,000 different combinations from custom lettering, graphics and patchwork to make it your own. The devil is in the detail.

Denim Isn’t Made In A Day…it’s time to slow things down

Our Sustainable Stand:

Every 10 minutes, 6 tonnes of clothing goes to Aussie landfills. As much as we love fashion, we know this has got to change…now it’s time to do our bit.

Our model is the step in the right direction against overproduction. Each garment is made to order, and designed to last a lifetime. We don’t start creating until you’ve finished designing.

We’re moving away from fast fashion, ensuring sustainable methods of production to give you an even better product. It’s a win/win, really!

How Our Batches Work...Make The Cut:

Our production runs off limited batches. Which means when they sell out we close the batch.
Each month, our shop opens from the 1st – 15th, with the second batch running from the 16th – 30th. Rain, sleet or snow, your custom denim masterpiece will be at your door at the same time, the following month.
Want to make sure you’re making the cut? Check out the MoD  countdown clock for when our next batch closes!