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Method of Denim is the world’s first custom denim label, proudly independent, residing in Bondi Beach, Australia.

We believe in self-expression through creativity; that fashion shouldn’t be restricted by a decade. Whether it’s 90s grunge, the acid wash of the 80s, the flares of the 70s – to put it plain and simple, wear it how you like it.

We are driven by the principles of innovation and continuous improvement, both in the quality of our products and the experience of our customers. It is part art and part science, and we strive to find the best of both.

Using premium quality denim, combined with state of the art technology and traditional craftsmanship, we bring your designs to life. From the wash to the hem, to bespoke graphics and distress, you’re in charge.

Taking a stance against fast fashion and over production, every unique denim piece is made to order. This is denim made for you, designed by you, and there ain’t no other piece like it. 

This is your design, your denim, your DNA. This is Method of Denim.

The M.o.D Squad

Introducing the rowdy and restrained mongrels, rebels, wallflowers, misfits and weirdos that make up M.o.D. Our pack are ambitious, brilliant, professional and friendly (although sometimes known to bite). Without further ado…