Everything begins with a love for denim. It’s the sophistication of 00s raw, the 90s grunge, the acid wash of the 80s, the groove of the 70s. Denim shouldn’t be restricted by a decade. It’s about breaking the rules, an expression of creativity and a celebration of oneself. Everyone has denim in their life and possibly a story surrounding their favourite piece.

Founded in 2017 by Lloyd Boolkin, and inspired by his grandfather who arrived in Australia after WW2 and was one of the first importers of 9oz denim to Australia, you could say denim is in Lloyd’s DNA as his blood bleeds indigo blue.

Method of Denim is part of the new wave of labels that are doing their part to address the issue of overproduction within the fashion industry by rejecting the dehumanizing effects of mass production and consumerism In order to combat so much unsustainable waste, we only make denim pieces that have been pre-ordered and already have a home. Method of Denim is not only an act of rebellion; it’s a way of creating a final garment that is truly representative of who you are. This means that you get jeans that fit, jackets that are unique and distinctive basics whilst doing your bit to combat resource mismanagement.

In a true collaboration between you and the brand, Method of Denim utilises digital pattern generating technology and predictive body measurement to craft premium essentials made to your individual body measurements. From the wash to the hem, distress, and fit, you’re in charge. This is denim made for you, by you – and there ain’t no other piece like it.

This is your Design, your Denim, your DNA.

This is Method of Denim. 


Method of Denim Founder - Lloyd Boolkin

Lloyd B - Founder | Denim Dude

Spending the better part of the last 10 years running some of Sydney’s most iconic night haunts and venues, Lloyd’s love of denim is only matched by his love of Negroni and spiced rum.

Lloyd had always considered denim to be his ‘uniform’, serving a purpose for both style and practicality. Unable to find the perfect pair of threads made to fit and to his own unique style, Lloyd always took a DIY approach, customising jeans and jackets at home to wear it exactly the way he liked it. And there the idea behind Method of Denim was born.

From the brand inception in 2017 and the creation of bespoke customisations, right through to the name of each style, every little detail can be linked back to his time behind some of the cities most infamous bars.

Founded under the belief that creativity is the best form of self-expression, Lloyd, and his killer squad, aim to deliver bespoke creations combined with world class, premium denim with a single mantra - ‘ Sustainability is not a constraint. We are change-makers and this issue means we can make a positive difference through innovation.’

The brand has a distinct Australian character, celebrating natural diversity, seriously competent without taking itself too seriously.

Simmi Crew Method of Denim

Simmi C

Our world-renowned production master who can boast over 20 years in denim working across production, brand management and creative direction for leading australian denim brands.

She knows everything about how denim is made and what is on the horizon of textile change.

Simmi balances her innovation vision with a love of retro G&T and disco.

Kelvin Crew Method of Denim

Kelvin k

Legendary logistical man of mystery and a connoisseur of style, kelvin uses his 15 years of relationships with artisan makers and family-owned micro-factories to bring Method of Denim creations to life.

The go-to man to source anything from Japanese selvage denim, to a fine aged whiskey; he is our man on the ground around the world making sure we honour our values...

Gill Crew Method of Denim

Gill K

Seasoned global superbrand marketer, digital whirlwind and cocktail enthusiast across the world’s key cities, Gill brings previously unheard of recipes and insights to Method’s home hemisphere.

An Independent Fashion Advisory Board mentor and digital strategist, she is our transformation partner in our continuous development and steers us as a brand guardian and is the gatekeeper of customer’s priorities and their evolving online expectations.

Bee Crew Method of Denim

Bee M

Bondi party girl, design manager and social image creator, Bianca is a face around the world’s favourite beach with a beaming smile, killer combos of Bondi’s best designer threads and her smartphone camera snapping the local denim kings and queens.

Aiding shoots and imagery across the various platforms she is our Girl Friday, Saturday and into Monday morning with her non-stop energy, love of a cold one and a pulse for what is happening and where.

Ali Crew Method of Denim

Ali B

Whatever parametric software engineering is, Ali is the guru. For us mere fashion folk, who don’t really know what that means, he is the guy behind the epic pattern building capability of our digital measurement functionality.

We keep him locked in a cupboard sat on a velvet cushion, he is that important to revolutionising the apparel sector.

Dzung Crew Method of Denim

Dzung Z

Patience is a virtue and as the lead developer in our customization functionality, whenever we add a new collection,

Dzung is the digital wizard working between designers and makers to make sure what you order is what you get. He is the brains behind our online customiser and the man who makes our site tick., 

We provide crates of Tsingtao beer to fortify him during these tough times.

Marc C Crew Method of Denim

Marc C

Our tech guru is a true pioneer, marrying together our two
greatest loves: tech with fashion.

Using his automation engineering background, Marc is revolutionising the industry, taking on the fashion supply chain head on…look at him like the guy to first create beer.

He is the innovator that is helping us deliver our tangible sustainable change promises.

Lauren Crew Method of Denim

Lauren J

Loz is an icon for the industry and students of denim as denim buying director with major Australian retailers and brands for over 15 years.

When she’s not holding lectures in Sydney’s most prestigious fashion school, you’ll find her occasionally acting as Lloyd’s professional therapist and cellar-door aficionado of the county’s finest vineyards.